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Sight Word Snapper

New app increases reading speed based on sight words!

The app contains exercises with the 500 most high frequency words in English language newspaper articles, as well as exercises training words consisting of 1-6, 7-10 and 11-15 letters.

Reading speed will increase dramatically when you have learned high frequency words as "sight words" and you no longer need to read them letter by letter.

Did you know that the 15 most common words in the English language constitute a full 24 % of an ordinary newspaper article? The 200 most common words constitute almost one-half of the words contained in a standard text.

Sight Word Snapper can be downloaded as a free version or a complete version. The free version provides the 50 most common words in English language newspapers. The complete version provides access to all categories. See list below. The app can be downloaded to iPhoneAndroid and Windows units.  

Scan the QR-code and download the free version of Sight Word Snapper.






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