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Innovation Capacity

Established firms need to balance their current business with future opportunities. The structures and processes that foster renewal and innovation differ from those allowing the firm to maintain daily operations. This book explores how managers can develop innovation capacity in the established firm, thus enabling repeated innovation and renewal. 
The underlying foundation of the book is the belief that innovation is a result of the interactions among people within and around the established firm. We present eight distinct organizational solutions that enable innovation and renewal. For each solution, we describe the theory behind it and illustrate it with recent cases, most of them from Norway or the Nordics.

The book targets managers and employees in the private and public sectors who hold responsibility for innovation and renewal in an established firm. It is also suitable for students, particularly within the fields of strategy, organization and management. 

Christine Meyer is professor in strategy and strategic change at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Her research expertise is within strategic change and innovation in the private and public sectors. In addition, Christine has extensive experience from politics and public administration. She has been Director General for the Norwegian Competition Authority and for Statistics Norway, and junior minister in the Norwegian Government. 

Inger Stensaker is professor in strategic change at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). She teaches and conducts research on strategic change and innovation processes and is currently the director of the research project RaCE – Radical Technology-Driven Change in Established Firms. 

Rune Bjerke is former CEO of DNB, Hafslund, and Scancem International. He was also a politician within Oslo municipality. Today he works as a senior advisor and coach, in addition to holding several board of director positions. Rune is Executive Adjunct in Residence at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

Anne Cathrin Haueng has 20 years experience as a senior consultant and advisor through various positions and roles in global consulting and IT companies. Her expertise is within strategic transformation and radical innovation processes. She holds a PhD in strategic change from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and is currently in a Associate Professor II position at NHH tied to the research program DIG – Digital Innovation for Sustainable Growth.
Innovation Capacity